Milkshake - stop!

I’ve been in a milkshake kinda mood lately, which I think is caused by the fact that it’s a gazillion degrees coupled with 1000% humidity. Seriously. I haven’t done my hair in days, it’s not even worth it. With the time I save doing my hair, I’ll make you guys milkshakes instead – decadent milkshakes topped with loads of whipped cream, swirls of caramel, and sprinkles – because what’s a milkshake without sprinkles?

Papaya milkshakes make a sweet, refreshing treat, especially if you have access to fresh papayas. You can adjust the sweetness, consistency, and portion size of your milkshake to taste. The following ingredients will guide you, but they are by no means the only way to make a papaya milkshake. Once you've procured your ingredients, you can make the shake in about ten minutes.

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Milkshake - Stop!Milkshake - Stop!Milkshake - Stop!Milkshake - Stop!